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Transgender Day of Visibility: Recognition is the Beginning of Equity

Updated: Feb 19

A pile of square beads in a rainbow of colors. In the center, the beads spell out the word "transgender."

ScribeConcepts recognizes, embraces, and supports our transgender and non-binary colleagues, friends, and clients. This is something we strive to do every day, but especially today, on Transgender Day of Visibility.

We especially applaud the presidential proclamation issued in this regard. Top-down statements like this go a long way toward healing, but we recognize a personal responsibility to connect and engage as individuals and a company.

Here at ScribeConcepts, we’ve been working diligently to define our social mission. When 2020 threw uncertainty our way, we turned inward and conducted a systematic exploration of our values. We did this like we do everything, by taking inventory, questioning our assumptions, and trusting the process.

After many work sessions and a two-day summit with our team in January, here’s where we landed:

Equity is at the heart of our social mission. We believe equity clears a path for everyone to engage, contribute, and heal. This philosophy guides every action we take, from talent recruitment and support to our volunteer efforts and organizational giving.

Almost immediately, we began acting on this mission. In February, we connected with, ostensibly to message a job posting to their network of transgender and non-binary talent. We put them on our list of quarterly giving, which is currently set to

at least 1% of profits to designated organizations that fit our social mission.

The TransCanWork team turned out to be a great partner. Not only did they help with our job posting, but on Friday, March 26, 2021, they hosted a workshop for us, “Building a More Inclusive Workplace.” Twenty-four members of our team joined this informative, interactive session to explore the importance of inclusive workplaces, language, and policies.

We’ve already made changes to our position applications to ask for pronouns, and plan a series of other actions to ensure our transgender and non-binary colleagues have a safe and supportive place to work.

It’s a start. Pronouns on an application say you’re welcome at the table with us, and we will meet you just as you are. This initial recognition is an important way to begin our work together, but it’s not the work itself.

So, too, the Transgender Day of Visibility is a good first step. Now let’s begin our journey, together.

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