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Developing the right workflow begins with the people on the front line, those invested in getting the job done. These are the ones treading water, often gasping for air, about the time we come in.

We marry objective analysis with intuitive context, and we see top-level process issues come to light.

Once we can zero in on the big picture problems, we can redesign the processes, relationships and workflow tools you need to publish better than your competitors. Our As-Is and Should-Be Workflow Maps give definition to our solution.

We create tools that support streamlined publication production without getting in the way of creativity. Inspired by the Alan Cooper approach to interaction design, we craft workflow tools that minimize cognitive friction. This means usable, intuitive software that makes your job easier, less manual, and more fun.



Our team of education professionals and subject matter experts bring a wealth of experience to the table. We possess in-depth knowledge of state standards, instructional best practices, and the evolving landscape of education.

When it comes to selecting curricula for state adoption, making informed decisions is paramount. With our deep understanding of educational standards, pedagogical expertise, and meticulous research methodologies, we provide valuable insights to help you choose curricula that align with state requirements and demonstrate effectiveness.

Our research and evaluation services employ a rigorous methodology designed to assess curricula against specific criteria. We analyze various components, including content alignment, instructional strategies, assessment methods, and overall effectiveness in meeting educational goals. Our thorough evaluation process ensures a comprehensive assessment that goes beyond surface-level examination.



From large multi-book production projects to professional development presentations, website interaction design, and branding, our teams can handle any publishing challenge. Our designers work in a sustainable, scalable architecture, from template to proof to multi-channel print and digital outputs.



Style editors, copy editors, proofreaders ensure content is consistent and error free. We can train, support, and integrate with existing teams, or provide the full team for your project. We also create and curate editorial style guides for content development.

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