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ScribeConcepts to Officially Expand Publishing Content Team in 2021

Updated: Feb 19

After years of working shoulder-to-shoulder with talented content developers, ScribeConcepts is excited to announce that we are officially expanding our Publishing Content Team! The ScribeConcepts Content Team will provide content strategy and diverse talent to organizations that will benefit from our team’s expertise, precision, and dedication to high-quality results.

For twenty years, ScribeConcepts has been a leading provider of production strategy and talent in the field of educational publishing, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about this next stage. We believe this division will address challenges many of our clients consistently face in finding and bringing on new talent and strategic support for content development.

Often educational organizations, strapped for time, spend inordinate amounts of resources

recruiting and hiring content experts to create new curricular products. ScribeConcepts is

offering a one-stop shop for content development resources. Not only will organizations be able to find the talent they need for upcoming projects, but they will also be able to enlist the

expertise of strategists who can help teams navigate the many challenges that come along with any new content development project.

The Scribe Publishing Content Team will benefit everyone involved: our clients, who need a fast and reliable way to identify talent; members of our content team, who under previous work arrangements may have lacked the individual support they truly need; and the greater

community of teachers, students, parents, and administrators who deserve to benefit from a

well-organized curriculum that was built with enough time and resources to fulfill the true goals of an educational product.

We hope you will join us in this endeavor, whether you are an organization who is looking ahead to the many projects on your roadmap or you are a content expert who is ready for the next challenge! ScribeConcepts is here to bring together the right talent for the right projects and support your goals every step of the way.

Interested in joining our team? Review our roles and fill out an application here!

Interested in working with our Publishing Content Team on an upcoming project? Fill out a survey here!

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