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Our Social Mission in 2021 & What’s Next

ScribeConcepts has always been intentional in working with organizations that create content designed to make the world a more accessible and inclusive place. As we reflected on how to grow at the end of 2020, we pledged to connect our intentions to action and tie our business mission to a social mission inherent within every strand of our organizational DNA.

In the year since we committed to building and acting upon an explicit social mission, the world has continued to face incredible challenges introduced or exacerbated by a global pandemic. In big and small ways, we have all been invited to reconsider how we show up in our work and personal lives, and focus on what is most important.

In 2021, we began crafting a social mission statement that could evolve with us. We know this critical effort is an evolutionary process, not a one-time endeavor nor a checkbox to celebrate and move on from. This work is ongoing, and we are up to the challenge.

We wrote the following statement as our guide:

​​Equity is at the heart of our social mission. We believe equity clears a path for everyone to engage, contribute, and heal. This philosophy guides every action we take, from talent recruitment and support to our volunteer efforts and organizational giving.

For now, the broadness of this approach empowers us to ask fundamental questions of our work, ensuring that we are fair and just in every aspect, from our business operations to the strategic advice we offer to our clients.

Over the last year we have answered to the guiding principle of equity in a myriad of ways. We have:

  • revised our recruitment processes to inhibit bias and augment inclusivity;

  • developed a research-backed diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) survey, for both full-time employees and our consultants, to gather data and inform an intentional strategy in 2022;

  • completed our first full-scale accessibility project, remediating K–8 curriculum content to be accessible for digital readers and other aids for the differently-abled;

  • began a quarterly 1% profit pledge, donating to organizations that acknowledge and strive to overcome the vastly different circumstances and opportunities provided to certain individuals and populations.

We embark on this new year with clarity on the inextricable and critical link between our business and social missions, and we will:

  • develop a multi-year DEI action plan, including leadership and promotion initiatives;

  • empower our Content Team to share their expertise in cultural sensitivity and equity in the classroom;

  • embark on more accessibility projects, continuing to advise and support our clients in advancing the accessibility of their materials; and

  • remain observant for other opportunities to act on our social mission, including volunteering initiatives.

We are writing our social mission into every element of our operation, and we will continue to be transparent about what we learn along the way.

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