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When your workflow reflects your values in education content accuracy

Updated: Jun 25

ScribeConcepts recently partnered with PBLWorks to conduct a comprehensive diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) review of their groundbreaking Open Educational Resources (OER) curriculum. This collaboration aimed to enhance the socially-conscious educational content, making it even more engaging, equitable, and inclusive. As a mission-driven organization, ScribeConcepts was eager to support PBLWorks' goal of using environmental, racial, and social justice themes to connect with students, improve outcomes, and ensure education content accuracy. This project provided the perfect opportunity to work with a partner that shares our core values in a meaningful way.

Mary Kurtz, ScribeConcepts consultant
"PBL units are well-designed for real-life connections and applications. The writers were conscious of being inclusive, but with our team’s reviews, we were able to help PBLWorks reach their goals for providing diverse, inclusive texts that embrace social justice and equality while offering engaging, student-centered lessons." - Mary Kurtz, ScribeConcepts consultant

Over the course of five months, ScribeConcepts' team of trained DEIJ reviewers meticulously examined over 16,000 pages of charts, diagrams, images, slides, and text in handouts, lessons, and teacher materials. With their expertise and advanced tools, the team systematically reviewed PBLWorks’ content. PBLWorks provided feedback after each round, allowing both teams to learn from each other and refine the review and reporting processes effectively.

Felicia Mgbada, PBLWorks Curriculum Project Associate
"Attentive and flexible, [ScribeConcepts] adapted to our evolving needs. The Scribe team was timely, thorough, and detail-oriented, providing valuable insights that significantly enhanced our curriculum's alignment with current diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice standards." - Felicia Mgbada, PBLWorks Curriculum Project Associate

The final outcome included 40 comprehensive reports that highlight potential DEIJ and social justice concerns, offer insights into the frequency and severity of those concerns, and provide guidance on revisions that enhanced the education . We believe these reviews have elevated PBLWorks’ already strong content to the next level, and the collaborative effort between our organizations will greatly benefit every student who interacts with this curriculum.

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