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Consultant Connection Newsletter Issue No. 3

Updated: Jun 19

Posted: June 3rd, 2024


A Message From Our CEO:

As many of you know, we are about to conclude one of the most monumental undertakings in the history of ScribeConcepts. 

More than 75 of you played a crucial role in the areas of Content, Design, and Editorial in helping us bring to fruition the colossal endeavor known as “The PCG Project.” Public Consulting Group (PCG), on behalf of the Texas Education Agency (TEA), partnered with ScribeConcepts to produce work for Math K–5 and Reading Language Arts K–5. This initiative, set in motion in September 2022, reached its culmination on May 10, 2024, thanks to your collective efforts. 

The PCG Project includes five independent math projects and three reading language arts projects. 

For Math, we rebuilt a free, open-source curriculum for students in the state of Texas. The work involved heavy revisions, including the design and full application of new branding standards, the creation of a new suite of images, the generation of covers for Texas-focused products, and the development of summer school modules. 

  • Consultants logged 35,770 hours during the PCG Math project.

  • We produced 29,000 pages, 166 covers, and 800 images for PCG Math.

For Reading Language Arts, we generated covers for a suite of products, illustrated decodable reader units, and developed a full end-to-end Grade 3 foundational skills product.

  • Consultants logged 22,200 hours during the PCG Reading Language Arts project.

  • We produced 109,250 pages, 350 covers, and 350 illustrations for PCG Reading Language Arts.

The consultants on this project hail from Arizona City, AZ; Santa Ana, CA; Bonita Springs, FL; Fort Collins, CO; Saint Simons Island, GA; Laurel, MD; Ypsilanti, MI; Franconia, NH; Point Pleasant, NJ; La Grande, OR; Yardley, PA; and Midlothian, VA. 

Without you, we would not have been able to do this very important work.

On behalf of the entire staff, I thank you for your commitment to this project and for all you continue to do for ScribeConcepts! An extraordinary job well done!

Signature of CEO Jody Knowles


ScribeSpeaks blog header with the text "ScribeSpeaks: Your source for Education Industry Insights"

Screenshot of latest blog posts, including the previous consultant connection newsletter and CEO Jody Knowles' Unexpected CEO series.

Official Relaunch of ScribeConcepts Blog:

In May, ScribeConcepts officially relaunched the ScribeSpeaks blog. Here, we offer a wealth of industry insights, expert tips from our dedicated team, and valuable information contributed by our network of contractors. Whether you're seeking the latest trends in publishing production, curriculum development, or project management, you'll find it all right here. This is your go-to resource for staying ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of education and publishing. 

CEO Jody Knowles has launched a new blog series entitled "The Unexpected CEO." Most of you likely know that Jody's husband, Chris Brasted, founded ScribeConcepts 20+ years ago, and in this blog, Jody hopes to inspire and educate folks about managing a business that comes with such a profound legacy. 

If you have any ideas you'd like to hear from Jody in the blog, email her at

You can access the blog through LinkedIn or the website.


Globe with surrounding text: Business Referral Program

Business Referral Program: You could earn $25, $50, or $500!

Refer & Earn:

Get Rewarded with ScribeConcepts’s New Business Referral Program

  • ScribeConcepts's New Business Referral Program rewards Consultants who help our organization connect with new Clients. These connections should be with someone representing an organization that can benefit from Scribe’s Project Management, Content, Design, Editorial, or Production services. The Client point of contact should be someone with whom the Consultant has a professional relationship.

  • Here’s how it works.

  • The Consultant completes the New Business Referral Form to inform Scribe of their intention to begin the process. Complete a separate referral form for each potential Client.

  • The Consultant emails their point of contact with a potential Client, copying in Scribe’s Director of Business Development Natalie Rebentisch []. The email should explain the purpose of the connection, introduce Natalie, and briefly describe Scribe’s services specific to the Client.

  • Financial rewards will be distributed as follows:

  • Upon the Consultant connecting the Client and Scribe via email - $25

  • Upon the Client meeting with Scribe - $50

  • Upon the Client signing a contract for business with Scribe - $500


In the upcoming weeks, we will be contacting you to inquire about your availability for the summer. Your input will be crucial as we schedule and plan future ScribeConcepts projects! We hope everyone is taking the time to enjoy the weather and have some rest and relaxation.

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