Our Services


Publishing Process Analysis and Architecture

From editorial development to layout and design, we understand the demands of the creative cycle in service of multi-channel outputs, and will design the right workflow to get the job published on time and in budget, while always facilitating creative talent. Our approach is intuitive, thorough, and effective.


End-to-End Publishing Talent
Our writers, editors, artists, designers, programmers, and production managers have proven track records achieving publication go-live on deadline without compromising quality. Whether plugging our talent in to an existing team or relying on our network to get your project off the ground, you’ll always find the Scribe Tribe synced up and ready to deliver.


Project Management

Successful implementation of any publishing project hinges on having a sound conceptual framework executed by the right tools and management style.
The workflow management systems we have conceived, designed, and managed through development and live deployment have brought proven efficiencies for our clients.


Production Management
Editorial and design proofing cycles. File structure and management. Pre-press. Printing. Digital Go-Live. We have years of experience working on the front lines of publication production.

When technology serves the process, and not vice versa, it becomes possible to write goal-focused production schedules that reliably meet business needs.

We’ve written thousands of overlapping production schedules and managed the day-to-day operations of national and international editorial teams to successful publication.


HR Management Consultation

The discovery processes we use during our analysis provide valuable insight into the goals, motivations and frustrations that affect your team.
Understanding these dynamics can prove invaluable to human resource professionals seeking to increase job satisfaction and retention.


Interaction Design

We create tools that support streamlined publication production without getting in the way of creativity. Inspired by the Alan Cooper approach to interaction design, we craft workflow tools that minimize “cognitive friction.”

This means usable, intuitive software that makes your job easier, less manual, and more fun.


presentConcept Presentation & Communication

Making the case for change in an organization requires the right presentation for the right audience. Whether you are presenting an ROI-argument for decision-makers or building buy-in and consensus among your production staff, we know how to put together a fact-based proposal that works.