Strategic Creativity

interviewDeveloping the right workflow begins with the people on the front line, those invested in getting the job done. These are the ones treading water, usually gasping for air, about the time we come in.

Several things happen at once when we come to help. We figure out where everyone is (what’s really happening), and where you want to be (what your goals are). To get there, we employ proven techniques to ensure we tune in to your team.


We interview and “shadow” key stakeholders as they work.
The interviews help us understand what people think they do, and shadowing helps us see what they really do. We all behave in different ways, and utilize different processes, depending on our stress levels, the kind of work we’re doing, even the time of day.


Our custom “goals wall” methodology refines creative ideas.

Adapted by a colleague from models used by architects wrestling with space usage relationships among work teams, this methodology helps unleash creative thinking by allowing fast, free-flowing ideas. We’ve used this with large and small teams to arrive at innovative solutions in a goal-directed context.

We employ feedback loops, like blogs and persona narratives, to make sure we’re on the right track.

Nothing should happen in a black box. A transparent approach to process improvement ensures voices are heard and we achieve buy-in to changes from every level of the organization.

blogs2We distill the accumulated information in composite personas, which profile primary system users based on the principal of providing functionality that fulfills the needs of all system users, yet is “designed for one user” in its conceptual framework.

Understanding the goals and needs of users on a composite level puts decisions about process, system and software design in perspective. It also ensures understanding of the production environment before changes are implemented.


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