About Us

ScribeConcepts is a network of independent consultants. We work together to promote best practices through shared methodologies, expertise and ethics. We focus on publishing workflow, software interaction design, and human resources support.

Our network includes project managers, production coordinators, interaction designers, writers, editors, proofreaders, and art designers—virtually every role in the publishing cycle. It also includes business process analysts and human resources experts who advise leadership in multiple industries.

Chris Brasted started the network in 2003. Since that time, more than 50 independent consultants have come together on projects from Lausanne, Switzerland to London, Washington DC, and Charlottesville, Virginia. Our recent work has concentrated on the workflow needed to bring standards-aligned curriculum to market, as well as tools used by science and medical publishers to import, semantically tag, and publish content.

In 2020, a new leadership team shepherds the Scribe Tribe to new peaks: Lead Project Strategist Natalie Rebentisch; Lead Content Style Strategist Robin Blackshire; and Lead Design Strategist Elena Hallen focus on our core mission to engineer publishing workflows for clients so they can change the world.



Anti-Defamation League No Place for Hate • CFA Institute • Core Knowledge Foundation • EL Education • Great Minds • Harvard Democratic Knowledge Project • HITN Learning • Institute for Management Development • Open Up Resources • Silverchair Information Systems • SNL Financial (S&P Global Market Intelligence) • UnboundED



Core Knowledge Language Arts

(9 years 3 months)

Created workflow architecture to support the editorial and design development and delivery of Core Knowledge Language Arts. Provided production schedules, file structure standards and maintenance, coordination of teams, and publishing technologies. Coordinated the bidding and management of print vendors, warehousing, shipping and delivery of materials to schools. Also provided administrative support that included budget development and tracking. Supplied, via ScribeConcepts, project managers, editorial assistants, proofreaders, art designers and production coordinators.

Together with in-house talent, successfully delivered Pre-K through Grade 5, including initial development and 22 revision cycles of pilot, NYSED, and live market editions for Amplify Education.


Great Minds Wit & Wisdom

January 2016 – Present
The Scribe Tribe nimbly and ably helped this K-8 language arts program go live, from manuscript drafts through copyediting, design, printing and digital conversion. Eighteen members of our crew partnered with the Great Minds team to form a remote workforce knit together by innovative workflow systems and a little magic dust. Earned the honorary titles, “Rumpelstiltskin of Deadlines” and “Robin Hood of Time.” Our editorial support, copyediting, design, proofreading and management team fielded curve-ball after curve-ball to make this heart-project happen.

We partnered with the best on this one, including David Rust of Sandhill Consulting; Jenny and Egidijus Paurys of Fine Lines Editing; Suzanne Garofalo of Paint Productions; and the Alton Creative team.


KIPP-Wheatley K-8 Language Arts

The ScribeConcepts team provided early support and structure for a visionary, groundbreaking alliance between KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) and the educational non-profit Common Core, to build language arts curriculum around CCI’s highly-respected text studies. Deliverables included nine grades of modules 1, 2 and 4 for Grades K-8; drafts in MS Word format; and proof-of-concept for a more designed, user-friendly version to be developed later. This amazing collaboration will yield thoughtful, meaningful content for untold future learners.


Great Minds English Early Adopter Edition

Nine grades, K-8. Five modules each. This was an extraordinarily complex project. From proof-of-concept through manuscript drafts, layout proofs and final delivery, the Scribe Tribe provided project management, content editing, copyediting, graphic design and proofreading. We developed an innovative workflow system to equip remote talent all across the country.


Institute for Management Development (Lausanne, Switzerland)

July 2013
Business case study on national cataloger Plow & Hearth focused on key decisions that positioned the company for significant growth in the mid-1990s. Interviewed founder Peter Rice for his analysis of the “lifestyle business” he co-founded. We explore the internal and external threats he and his team navigated, and the role an engaged employee culture played in the company’s success. An inspiring project that provided great insight into the dynamics of a growing business.


Silverchair Workflow Design & “As-Is” Analysis

With excellent support from ScribeConcepts Project Coordinator Molly Lapekas, we gathered information about the current content-loading processes and tools used by Silverchair Information Systems. We used this research to map out ideal workflows to meet Silverchair’s business goals. During our discovery phase, we interviewed more than 35 individuals from in-house staff and key clients. Eleven internal teams and four clients participated in multiple interviews, workflow shadowing videos, and concept confirmations. Our final deliverable included our as-is analysis and the conceptual framework for a new approach to content-loading to support Silverchair’s innovative semantic enrichment of published content.


Silverchair Content User Testing, Documentation & Training

Six months after we proposed the conceptual framework for a new content-loading workflow, ScribeConcepts checked back in with Silverchair’s development team to test, document and provide training materials for the new system. Deliverables included interaction design feedback, research into available training systems, and video and written training materials. Excellent work from Liz Pettit and Egidijus Paurys made this project possible — and it was deeply satisfying to see concepts become reality.


Winter 2016 Standards Institute

We helped the UnboundED.org team look sharp by copyediting dozens of PowerPoint decks and handouts for this professional development experience tailored to leaders and teachers of ELA and math.


Summer 2016 Standards Institute

Delivered organizational support and leadership PowerPoint deck copyedits for UnboundED.org’s Summer 2016 Standards Institute in Ft. Lauderdale. Proud to support this initiative, which they describe as such:

“The Leadership Pathway provides in-depth and hands-on learning so that leaders walk away with an understanding of what’s required to lead high standards implementation for ELA and math; what they look like (and don’t look like) in a classroom setting; the appropriate pedagogical match of instructional strategies; and how to develop teachers’ capacity to plan, deliver, and assess student learning


Star Refining, London — Project Management, Interaction Design

Informed and implemented workflow system developed by my mentor. Work included onsite management in London and remote coordination of teams using our custom software to assess, process and communicate information and decisions about precious metals.


Virginia Men’s Accountability Network


Founded the Virginia Men’s Accountability Network (virginiaman.org), with the goal of ensuring appropriate accountability for men in their professional, personal and spiritual lives. Facilitate workshops, discussions and presentations for private, public and corporate groups.


Project Newsflow

Conceived and designed the “NewsFlow” workflow management system for editorial processes, from story idea through assignment, composition, editing and publishing. Re-engineered SNL Financial newsroom systems and processes to better align with—and achieve—corporate goals, helping this international news department increase its online published story count by 58% in two years.



Some highlights of our work since 2003:

Educational Publishing
58,000 pages CCSS-aligned Language Arts curriculum • 19 Revision Cycles • 6 Grades Pre-K through Grade 5 • Live in national market
Thanks to a rich partnership between gifted content creators client-side and our project managers, writers, proofreaders, and designers, we made the impossible possible.


News Reporting
29,000 stories in Year 0 • 40,000 stories in Year 1 • 50,000 stories in Year 2
We conceived a workflow system that helped an international news department increase its online published story count by 58% in two years.


Catalog Production: 1 title, 6X / yr ➡︎ 5 titles, 52X / yr
During our time with a national catalog company, it grew from one title dropping six times a year to five titles with more than 52 issues.